30 day challenge

so, i guess technically we have two 30 day challenges. one we’re in the middle of, and the other we have yet to start.

the first day we moved to illinois, we started looking for radio stations. as navigator of our rental car, it was also my responsibility to find some jams. thankfully we found two christian stations really quickly that we liked!104.7 is family friendly wbgl and 94.3 is the klove affiliate. now, i’ll be honest, klove was not my favorite christian station in fort worth; mainly because the commercials were not good. but, it was on klove that we heard this 30 day challenge. since i couldn’t remember the klove numbers, and 104.7 comes in better in the honda,  i’ve been listening to wbgl a lot more, and love it. the commercials are mainly weather, traffic, and then events that are happening at churches (concerts, Bible studies, charity drives, etc.). i can’t speak too much for the quality of the klove station, i think matt will have to share about that, but i’m loving this other station and have chosen mostly to do the challenge on that station.

the challenge is essentially to listen to only christian music for 30 days, and then to see what happens, how the Lord speaks to you through song and through worshiping Him in that way.

it was kind of funny, we both decided to do the challenge separately, and then a couple days after we started it, we were driving somewhere and started talking about it. it is kind of cool to do that together. so, i think we started on january 7th or 8th?, which means it has either been 13 or 12 days since we started the challenge.

matt is in the car for about two hours each day driving to and from work, and since i refuse to turn the tv on if  matt isn’t here, i usually have the radio on during the day to have some noise while i cook, blog, work on job applications, read, etc. so, between us, we are listening to a number of hours together.

i can say that it has been an interesting journey taking the challenge. sometimes i don’t really want to listen to Christian music, because sometimes it  isn’t that good. but, it is usually then that i need to be doing just the thing that i don’t want.

one of my constant favorite songs is “your great name”, by natalie grant. some of my favorite lyrics are in the first verse:

all condemned; feel no shame; at the sound of your great name.

every fear; has no place; at the sound of your great name.

the enemy; he has to leave; at the sound of your great name.

they are so good! such a reminder of the power behind the name of the Lord.

Rachel has covered most of the info for our 30 day challenge that we are undertaking. This challenge is going to actually be a little extended since we started late and will end on the last day of February. so, it is quite interesting how both of us thought about doing this challenge. It is great how God will put a thought in one of us or both of us to and come to find out He put the same thought in the other.

One of the things about this challenge, like rachel said, is that sometimes i am not always in the mood to listen to Christian music. but the longer i stay with it, the more i will get out of it. i will generally feel a lot better after hearing the encouraging music than if i was to just listen to my normal selection of music. to be honest, i couldn’t even tell you another radio station right now.  that is not to say these are the best stations ever or that they play the greatest music or mix, its just been all i have really wanted to listen to.

so, why are we doing this? it is a challenge to take the amount of time that we spend in the car or at home and fill our minds, our hearts, and our souls with something that is meaningful, encouraging and seeing how God will use that or even how we can remember that  in the most hurtful of days. I cannot tell you how many times before this challenge worship music has helped me in different ways. There have been days of disappointment, days of hurt, days of joy, days where all hope seems lost and in those times there was a song that we heard or clung to, that went through us and spoke to our hearts. obviously, it is a God thing. He always knows what we need and at those times when our hearts our yearning to be heard, he whispers to us. Sometimes, i don’t always here it but i love those times when my life is attuned to God. When i am down in the dumps and don’t feel loved, to hear the song “how He loves” still sends chills down my spine.

so, over the next few weeks, we hope to write down what we have learned or how we have grown from all of this. I can’t say that we will succeed each day of learning some great thing, but it is quite awesome to be reminded of the simple yet amazing truths, whether that is love, forgiveness, grace, joy or whatever.

also to go with this, each day we will share with you a song that has meant something to us over our lifetime or for that day. sometimes, because of the days events, we just are reminded of those special songs. we also hope that some of you will be open to trying/listening to new artists and that Christian music is a lot different than you might think.

taking the challenge in illinois for more than a visit

matt and rachel


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