goals update

so i’ve been thinking about doing a small update of the status of my goals for the year.

my fun goal: i’ve accomplished one recipe so far, but never fear, i will get completely caught up tomorrow and have made two! i’ve  made my own pizza dough today (pictures mid-post), and then i’m also going to make my own pizza sauce. can you tell we’re having pizza for dinner tomorrow? both of these are  from peter reinhart’s artisan breads every day, which has turned out to be a wonderful wedding gift because it is helping me accomplish my goal, but also we get to eat some yummy food (which may have been matt’s original thought).

i’ve never made pizza dough or sauce before, so they fit nicely into the goal requirements. here are the pictures from making the dough. i’ll take some of the pizza tomorrow to post as well!

some of my favorite kitchen tools!













my growth goal: i’ve written twelve psalms so far. and  of the first ten, it is hard to pick which ones i’ve loved because really, they have all had different things to take away. the verse that has stuck with me the most over the past week or so has been psalm 6:4:

“return, o  Lord, resuce my soul;

save me because of Your lovingkindness.”

psalm 6 is david crying out to the Lord; there is such an ache in his heart to be heard, rescued, and saved from his enemies. i love this because i can relate. no, not in the same way, i do not have people chasing after me, or destroying me. but i do persevere against the enemy that knows my weakest points. it makes me hope for heaven and to be saved from this world where we will never be satisfied. can you even imagine such a thing? it is promised to be wonderful.

in illinois for more than a visit,



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  1. We talked a little about Psalm 6 tonight in my homegroup!

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