home improvement

well, i know that i (rachel) have complained somewhat already about the lack of storage space in our little apartment. and i say complain half-joking and half-serious.

our lack of storage has made us get creative, which lets face it, sometimes we need a little creativity in our lives. and the creativity strikes again.

our only storage in our bathroom was an under the sink cabinet. yes, that is all. so, when we figured that out, we went to bed, bath and beyond to see if we could find some storage solutions. we got a couple little drawers that we could put under the sink, one for me, one for matt, and then everything else would kind of have to either fit in another basket that we had, or it would have to just be shoved into the cabinet. while we were at bbb, we also thought we’d look for a shelving unit that we could put over the toilet, because that seemed like a nice way to alleviate some of the space issues we were having. we tried. valiantly. the first shelving we bought had already been opened, and was terribly scratched. we quickly decided we would not be settling for this, seeing as we did pay $65  for it. so, we returned it for a new one. and i put together the new one, only to find that some welding on one part of it would keep us from putting the shelving unit completely together. well, i guess we’re not meant to have that.

so, we lived without the shelving. and we thought we’d be ok, but then we thought about it more, and both being so cramped, we decided we would try again. we visited home depot. spent some time in the bathroom storage area, the heavy duty storage area, and then shelving storage area where we found our solution.

we bought two shelves, hardware, and supports and suddenly we were in the middle of our first home improvement project together. wow. so, lets document our progress.

7:30pm-we begin by figuring out the most important thing–not hitting your head on the shelf when you stand up from the toilet. matt held the shelf, i tested appropriate heights.

we do some measuring to center the shelf on the wall, while also confirming the height we want the shelf to be. we decide where the supports need to be (8 inches from either edge of the shelf) and indicate that using the pencil and tape measure on the wall.

7:50pm-we need a stud finder and potentially drywall mounts and screws so we run to meijer. commence many jokes on my part about needing/having a stud finder.

8:20pm-we return to our home without the 9volt battery needed to operate the stud finder. good thing we bought the drywall anchors and screws.

we measure again, confirm where we (matt) needs to drill and then start putting holes in the walls for the supports! i screwdriver in the screws (which is a nice forearm workout) for the supports, then we center our shelf on the wall and drill in the screws to the shelf. one shelf done!

so we measure again, making sure everything is centered, our second shelf is where we want it, and our supports are lined up with each other. now we’re pros at drilling (matt) and using a screwdriver (rachel).

9:00pm-the second shelf is installed without a hitch and boom, we have created more storage for our bathroom! note that this project took an hour and a half and was completed with the assistance of a half bottle of wine. here’s your “where’s waldo”–find my wine glass!

here you can see the finished product, and once we’ve cleaned up, what we’re doing with the space.

improving our home and in illinois for more than a visit,

matt & rachel

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