our first snow

when we first arrived in aurora, the temperatures were not that different from texas (meaning highs in the 40s), and we thought, “we can do this!”.

thursday was our first snow and experience of highs being less than freezing. weather.com suggested that whursday would begin with 2-4 inches of snow, and that snow would continue through the day, but let up in the evening. then it said friday would bring another 2-4 inches of snow. and yes, that is what happened.

the snow was so powdery, you could use it for sno cones if you wanted to! too bad we didn’t have any syrups or something. we did take some pictures of our first snow though.

this is matt making his second chicago snowball (he made the first when we came back from working out). it is a very special moment.

also, you can see our little porch, there is probably 4 inches of snow on the porch, but 6 on the ground.

on thursday, it was my first time to experience what it is like to drive home in snow in illinois. because i don’t have a toll tag yet and not sure if i want to pay the $10 every day just to go to work, i had to take 75th street the whole way. while the road was fairly good, there were definitely times that were a little dicey and scary. i also saw several cars struggling to make it up a not so steep hill. but by the grace of God, i got home safely and it only took me an hour and 45 minutes!!! not to mention i forgot my phone at home that day so i couldn’t even contact rachel if something did happen.

snow is something amazing isn’t it? so beautiful, so white. it covers the ugliest of things and will somehow make it look pretty or not so ugly (sorry big water tower, your still not the prettiest thing on the block). snow makes me think a lot about my own life and the mistakes that i have made. it reminds me that something not so pretty and my ugly sinful life can be made whiter than snow. for all the mistakes that i have made, for all the ugliness that makes this person up, the snow of God’s grace showered upon me and makes me clean. it turns me and all of us into something beautiful. something so beautiful, something so free and a complete gift, praise the Lord for this beautiful gift that will never melt away! snow, like grace, is something so delicate yet so powerful.

this was our first snow of many more to come. this was also our first snow together!


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