no blue bell for you!

ok, so when we knew we would be moving to illinois, we were plagued by the thought that we would be leaving behind some of our favorite foods, restaurants, etc. yes, we were also concerned with leaving friends and family, and don’t get me wrong, this did concern us as well, but somehow the lack of these homely and familiar comforts of food was distressing.

as i have already told you, my husband and his magnificent eyesight has graciously saved us from chik-fil-a as one of these comforts that we do not have to go without. however, we are really only 1 for 4.

other things we will be sure to miss (we knew that the first two were only in texas but we still miss them):

taco cabana –(matt) this is one of my favorite places to go eat fast mexican food. it isn’t the best thing in the world but when you grow up on it, it is something so wonderful. the fajitas are always a favorite of mine. actually, i always get the combo number one which is two fajita tacos and queso. the queso is one of my favorite things. with two small containers of salsa and queso together, it was the perfect combination of smoothness, a touch of heat and cheesy goodness. It brings back so many memories of hanging out with my guy friends in high school festing on bean and cheese tacos that were only $0.89.

whataburger – (matt) again, another fast food restaurant but one of those hamburger places that was started in texas and is a texas staple. it has a completely different taste from mcdonalds or wendy’s. the burger is bigger than most fast food burger places. the fries are much like mcdonalds fries in size but with the right amount of salt. they even offer this signature ketchup that is different normal heinz or hunts ketchup. for years they have given the ketchup in this dipping cup type thing. it is totally awesome and perfect for road trips. anyways, the burgers always taste so much fresher than others, but just a personal opinion. another wonderful offering is the chicken fingers. I (rachel) love the chicken fingers, they are crispy and golden with just enough spice in the breading. and the honey mustard. I am a connoisseur of honey mustards. and one of my favorites of all time is from whataburger. they just do a wonderful job of the honey to mustard ratio. i love it.

blue bell-(rachel)we will miss your sweet creaminess, nothing can compare, not even our favorite flavors of the world at baskin robbins will be able to compare to your wonderful flavors.  we held on hope, visiting target, jewel osco and dominicks just to be sure that you weren’t being carried by any grocery stores. please tell us you’re just not hiding from us. we don’t know where to look! give us a clue or something, otherwise you will soon be only a sweet treat that we will have when we visit the motherland. blue bell, sweet blue bell. after that lovely ode, matt will describe the greatness of blue bell. take it away dear! (matt) one of our absolutely favorite all-time desserts, wait…no…foods of any kind. it has such a beautiful rich flavor and amazing creaminess. one of my most favorite flavors ever is rocky road, which is full of almonds and marshmellows. not that marshmellow cream stuff you find in some ice creams but real marshmellows. they have so many wonderful flavors: cookies and cream, prailines and cream, mexican prailines, and so on. i love their chocolate flavor. full of wonderful flavors, great texture and wonderful ingredients inside. the ice cream doesn’t have a funky aftertaste like some do (oberweiss cookies and cream I am looking at you). blue bell you will be missed. i never knew how important you were to me. if we knew you were in indiana, we would make the drive. oh how we miss you. you will never be replaced. we miss your sweet taste.

also, why is every other ice cream here so expensive compared to you?

in illinois for more than a visit (and also missing our texas comforts),

matt & rachel


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