we love/miss pint nights

well, how do we even start this post?

how about “what is pint night”? pint night is a fun tuesday (sometimes monday, or wednesday) tradition that we (sadly) used to partake of. our original love, gman fw had theirs on tuesdays at 6. we would enjoy whatever beer was to be the “pint” and take home the glass it came in, this wasn’t stealing (we paid for the glass, people). i say also sometimes monday and wednesday because on occasion we would go to gman plano on mondays, and then fs had theirs on wednesdays.

if we think back to when pint night started, i can pinpoint the date to july 5th. matt and i had been on three dates and i was in colorado with my family, so naturally he and david went to their first pint night to experience ace pear. i received a picture of their spoils while on my trip and was very intrigued with this guy’s taste in beer. this is what he sent me, encouraging, right?

soon after, we became frequent customers of the gingerman fw; matt and david were committed, but i also had my small group every other tuesday, up until sometime in october, but i would go when it was a free week. matt and david would also try to go to fs on wednesdays, but fs was clearly inferior because often they didn’t have impressive glasses, and  had false advertising of what the pint was to be. matt says “darrrrrrrn you flying saucer!”.

this turned into a habit, a preoccupation with different beers, breweries, and a love for collecting glasses. out of our times visiting the three area gmans, and fs, we can proudly say that we have 108 glasses. here’s a picture of above our counters to prove it. lets just say the movers were impressed with us.

all that i can say is that 1, i wish we had taken notes on what beers we had for pint nights as unpacking them made me sad that i couldn’t remember what they had tasted like.  2, i desperately wish that there had been a Real Ale Coffee Porter pint night before we left. and 3, we would love to find a similar pint night experience in illinois. it has yet to be found.


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  1. I told you that you needed a beer journal–I’ll send one. You may have to take a road trip to Milwaukee.

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