wake up, sunshine!

its a mystery to me why sometimes i wake up and i am ready to go, ready to start the day and be chatting. and other times it takes me 45 minutes to even utter a sound. i’m about to write  two very recent examples of this.

matt had to get up early today, he is actually in racine wi for work to check out the main plant for his work. it is a little bit of a drive for them (his boss went with him), plus we have 6ish inches of snow out there, so the plan was to leave around 5:30/5:45ish, which means a nice wakeup call at 4:50 and 5. my thinking though was that i would try be “helpful” and wake up with him. no one likes waking up that early, it has to be a fact so i thought i was being helpful by waking up with him. plus i could make some coffee, you know, do whatever i could to be helpful. well, apparently cheerfulness isn’t always the first thing you want to wake up to. and apparently there wasn’t actually an alarm for 4:50. i guess you could say what happened was i saw the time (4:52ish), saw matt’s eyes open, and started talking. bad call. matt wanted to sleep until the real alarm at 5 went off. my bad. we look at the clock again at 4:57 and he tells me in kind of a half serious half joking voice “you’re just not going to let me sleep for the last three minutes, are you?” (my response in my head) well, no, not really. i kind of thought you were awake already because your eyes were open. plus, i’ve already asked you what you wanted for dinner, told you my dream, wanted to get out of bed to check the snow, offered to make coffee, and thought about what i wanted to do today. then i decide to cheerfully, get up to make the coffee and leave my tired husband alone for a moment of peace to wake up, which is what i should have done from the beginning.

this is just a perfect example of when i wake up and i’m excited, my brain is going, and i’m ready for the day. it was suggested that i “write some blog posts with all that energy”, so i’m doing that.

ok, and then not so cheerful rachel sometimes comes out. i’d say 4 out of 5 times i wake up easily/cheerfully from a nap, almost always a little groggy at first, but not in a bad mood. another recent example of this was last sunday. i was so tired from unpacking and being a little stressed about our space issues, so i took a nap during the 2nd quarter of the broncos game (where they scored all the points!). i woke up during halftime and felt like i could barely move. i remained lifeless, uttering a few words here and there. i’m sure matt thought i was really mad about a dream or something. no, i wasn’t. i was just taking my dear sweet time to wake up from a nap. i didn’t really speak any full sentences until the end of the 3rd quarter.

why do i do that? i just realized everything i typed out makes me sound slightly moody. really, i’m not. i usually wake up refreshed, ready to tackle the day, just on occasion something comes over me. i guess that’s why i’m about to write some more blog posts. also, i have a strong feeling coming over me that matt will add some things to this post!


Yes folks, that is my wonderful wife! The last two days she has actually got up before me and wouldn’t let me sleep to my alarm. Her cheerfulness has been quite unusual. you see the real story is that for the most part it generally takes her half an hour to wake up from her nap and i could tell her i am going to the moon and she wouldn’t know.

one more thing about my darling wife. this morning she had the craziest dream about putting two adult size sweaters on my dogs. they are both rottweillers and she thinks it would be completely funny. she was so excited to tell me this and she is still telling me how great it would be. this was the first thing she wanted to tell me this morning. she still laughs at the thought.

in illinois for more than a visit,

matt & rachel

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  1. I found myself laughing out loud at the thought of sweaters on the dogs. I submit that you try it and blog the pictures! After all Matt, you would literally be making one of your wife’s dreams come true–how can you say no to that?!

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