restaurant reviews

ok, matt and i just want to say a couple things about the restaurants we have been to already.

luigis-i had a pizza with mozarella, goat cheese, artichokes, and kalamata olives. matt had a penne pasta bake with marinara sauce, sausage and lots of cheese. this place was ok, kind of an upscale olive garden if that is possible. it was incredibly loud, we could barely hear each other across the table which was a challenge. i think we decided that we didn’t need to go back, the atmosphere and the food for the price just wasn’t good enough for us to go again.

basils-i had vegetarian mousaka (as a challenge to try something other than a salad or whatever typical greek food i eat), and matt had gyros (because the way we judge mediterranean food is based on their gyros). the mousaka was by far a solid decision. i was so glad! it was layers of eggplant, zucchini, potatoes and cheese with a creamy sauce on top; it was very hearty and kind of had a homey feel to it. also, i have to say they have excellent bread and butter. the butter was infused with some kind of herb, and dipped in a little olive oil, was delicious. i think we liked basils, but decided we don’t need to go there again soon. it was also loud because it was just a big open room with tons of tables. also, it was like the old people date place. there were a ton of older couples, or older double dates going on there. this could have to do with the fact that we went at 6 or so on a saturday night, but we were so hungry! also, we noted that it was kind of expensive for the amount of turnover. our food came out extremely fast, our server spoke really fast, and it seemed like they didn’t want people to linger over their food and enjoy themselves. that was kind of a turnoff, but i loved that mousaka. i wonder if they do to go?

(Matt’s quick take: Basil’s was just ok for me. I felt so rushed and anytime my entree comes out in under five minutes and I am not ordering from the drive thru is not a good sign for me. It was nice to have our water glasses constantly filled up if we even took a drink out of them. The gyros were just okay for me. I got half a side of lamb and only four small pieces of pita. The tzatziki was decent but it wasn’t great. They did serve tomatoes and onions with the meat but it kind of sucks to pay $14 for a small gyro when all is said and done. the place didn’t really stand out for me so i think we will be trying some more places before we ever go back to this place. also, the gyro meat itself was just okay. it was traditional gyro meat but had a funky aftertaste and lingered on my palette for a while. i felt sorry for rachel having to kiss me because i tasted pretty gross, not to mention the burbs were not pleasant.)

nicks-i had a mediterranean panini. matt had chicken fingers and fries. ok, nicks kind of seems like fast food, and they do have a drive through, so maybe they are a fast food place. anyways, it took them too long to get our order out to us for it to be a real fast food place. the panini was good, my complaints would be that the feta cheese was few and far between, and i had asked for chips and received fries. i think we decided we would go back to try other things, because it was decently priced, and it was hard to make a decision for both of us because so many things looked good. after conferencing with matt, he said the chicken fingers and fries were “just ok”.

there are a couple other places that we want to try soon. one is portillos (which we’ve both said por-tee-yos which would be the Spanish way, but we don’t know if that or por-till-os is right), which is famous for hot dogs. and the other is called city island gourmet hamburgers. there are also a ton of indian food restaurants around our area, so i’m sure we’ll try those out as well! stay tuned for more restaurant reviews!

in illinois for more than a visit,

matt & rachel


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  1. It’s pronounced “por-till-ohs” That’s on my list to visit too. I hear they have amazing chocolate cake too, oddly enough. And some sort of salad? But most widely famous for the dogs. Don’t put ketchup on it! :) Also we made the same New Year’s resolution! I’m making at least 1 new recipe a week too! It’s fabulous! So glad to see you, my long lost friend! Welcome to the Windy City (and outlying areas)

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