chicken pot pie

one of the easiest meals i know how to make (courtesy of my mother) is chicken pot pie. i think this is only the second time i’ve made it for matt and i, but we devoured it in about 36 hours (dinner tuesday, dinner wednesday, matt’s lunch thursday).

here’s my recipe:

1.5 lbs of chicken, cooked (i usually boil it, but pan sear or grilled is also good)

1 12oz can cream of chicken soup

1 12 oz can cream of potato soup

1 16oz can of mixed vegetables

12oz milk

salt, pepper, oregano, parsley, garlic salt

pie crusts

i buy the pie crusts, because pie crust making is a very intense job and you have to really plan for it, so i just choose to buy it (especially if it is not for a fruit pie). grease your pie pan, and roll out the bottom crust on the pie pan.

combine your chicken, the soups, veggies, milk (i use one of the soup cans as a way to measure), and spices. the amounts of the spices are really up to your choosing. i like pepper and oregano, so i put a lot of both in my version. mix well, the consistency should be like a thick stew.

put your mixture into the pie pan, and put your top crust on. pinch the top and bottom crusts together, and make it look pretty if you want. use a knife to cut some holes in the top crust, and you can use an egg white wash on the top crust if you want. this will just make it more golden and a little crispy but doesn’t affect the taste. pop it into a 350 degree oven for 45 minutes. after it comes out of the oven, it usually needs time to set a little bit. maybe give it another 15-20 minutes before you cut into it.

here’s a couple pictures of it…i think this was dinner wednesday judging from the amount of pie already eaten. enjoy!


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  1. Yep–it’s the best. When you have a freezer, you should always keep a few on hand. MOM

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