so i’ve challenged myself with a couple goals for the new year. things that i know will be challenging, and fun. but also hopefully grow me either in skill or spiritually.

fun: i’d like to make one  new recipe once a week. that means i need 52 recipes for things i’ve not made before. i’m ok with some variations, but by and large, i want the recipes to be things i’ve not tried to make before. i kind of cheated with my first one though. i generally have a coffee cake recipe that i use, but i was looking for something that was relatively quick for matt and i to heat up for breakfast or that could be taken with him easily to work. anyways, that was my first recipe for the new year. i made it from peter reinhart’s artisan breads every day, which was a wedding gift from my husband. i’ve made two recipes out of it so far, both of which have turned out wonderfully. any recipe suggestions? also, i will probably end up doing two recipes next week, especially since i’ve already gone to the grocery store this week!

spiritual: i’d like to write all the psalms. perhaps this sounds a little silly at first, but let me preface with a couple things. praying the Word back to the Lord has always been something that has 1. helped me to remember the truths in the Word, and 2. not let me lose focus. why would i write them though? well, first of all, i write everything down. in school, i had to write everything that i could. every note that i could write in class, i would. and then i would usually copy my notes later. writing helps me to learn. it imprints whatever i’m writing into my mind. so, its a challenge to remember the truths of the psalms in a way that really helps me to learn, memorize, and be able to recall those truths in my everyday life.

i’ll update i’m sure on the progress of both of my goals. i am hopeful to spend this year improving my skills and growing in my knowledge of the Word. both are small goals, but will take dedication to finish! i’m excited to see the progress over 2012!

enjoying the journey and in illinois for more than a visit



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