day 1: welcome to our chaos

more than a visit. the title of our blog. the adventure we have embarked on. and where we will share our stories, challenges. goals, and triumphs. matt and i will both post about some of our favorite (and not so favorite) things about living in the north.

we’ve been in illinois for 6 days. wow. 6 days already? yep, apparently, if you fly in on a thursday and you’re writing your blog on the following wednesday that would make it 6 days. well, that’s weird.

a short synopsis of our events over the past 6 days will be showcased in the next few posts. enjoy!

thursday 1/5: we officially move to illinois. get to our apartment, blow up the air mattress, and take a nap. don’t get me wrong, we were excited to explore our city, but everything leading up to the move was so tiring, plus we had to get up early for our flight, so we took a snooze before exploring. we quickly learned that almost everything we could want as far as shopping/groceries/stores/necessities is all within about 5 miles of our apartment. score for us. we (read Matt) drive around, scoping things out, seeing everything that we could, and then. my wonderful husband with his fantastic eyesight spots one of the loves we thought we would be leaving for some time, Chik-fil-a. win. i’m so thankful for those eyes! no, we did not have Chik-fil-a that night, we were still slightly recovering from our last experience there (aka, feeling like a brick was moving through your body). but, we will! instead we had italian at Luigi’s. is it me, or do they not know how to do italian food? my foodie husband i’m sure will write some reviews of restaurants we have been to at some point. be sure to look for them!

enjoying the journey and more than a visit,

matt & rachel


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