busy busy

tuesday 1/10: matt’s second day of work! and my second day of being a housewife! i finished cutting some shelf liner, finished the coffee cake, made a chicken pot pie, finished more thank you cards, counted our pint glasses, and made some phone calls. i have noticed by now though that when matt gets home, i just want to talk so much! you don’t talk a whole lot when you’re at home or by yourself most of the day. i guess you could, but i don’t know if i’m ready for that.  i feel a little bit bad, because i’m just chatting away about my day and things i was thinking about.

Finally Matt’s turn to comment. For real, by the time i get home rachel is so excited to see me that she is talking to me nonstop and asking me 100 questions in as much as 20 seconds.  but at least she likes talking to me. unfortunately my mind right now is mush from trying to absorb new info at work that i am not always the best communicator.

one more thing…i have the goofiest wife ever. she does whatever it takes to make me laugh no matter how zany it is.



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  1. I’m very interested to know the # of pint glasses!

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